Whitepapers Summary

In the internet business, as we know it now, only website owners can create and earn money from business processes that run on their websites. This is because ownership means full control over the users' communications.

Dapplets Project disrupts this paradigm and creates technology that enables new kinds of applications - dapplets. These dapplets run on top of existing websites, in the websites' context, but out of the website owners' control. This new paradigm enables tons of brand new applications and business opportunities.

Dapplets technology also has a big social impact: it allows censorship-resistant user flows on centrally owned websites, even for banned content and banned users. It cancels out “cancel culture“ effectively

Dapplets is a true Web3 project: unstoppable, permissionless, anonymous, open-source, and decentralized, not only on the backend level but on the UX level too.