We would like our protocol to meet the following requirements:#

  • The protocol MUST be permissionless, resilient and cryptographically secure.
  • The protocol SHOULD be economically self-sustainable and not rely on grants or voluntary work.
  • The protocol SHOULD NOT enforce any upgrades or updates. This SHOULD solely be a user’s decision.
  • The protocol MUST be extensible and support any content type.
  • The protocol SHOULD recover ASAP from unpredicted content type changes.
  • The protocol MUST support continuous and adaptive content type discovery.

We would like the implementation to meet the requirements as follows:#

  • The implementation SHOULD provide standard libraries to simplify apps as much as possible.
  • The augmentation SHOULD neither interfere with the content nor change it in an undesired way.
  • A user SHOULD be able to distinguish between the content and its augmentation.