1. Launch the application locally. Click on the link Currently registry address:

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  1. A window opens in the browser. Copying the address.

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  1. Insert the address into the Development Servers field of the extension's Developer tab.

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  1. Added a server and a module for deployment. Click Deploy

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  1. Here is the deployment information.

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If your wallet address is not in trusted users list you will see a warning like this:

Image of admonition to point 5

Click Deploy once again.

  1. Connect the wallet, if it was not connected before

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  1. After connecting the wallet, you will see a window like this. Click Continue

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  1. MetaMask opens. Confirm the transaction.

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  1. Receive a message about the deployment.

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  1. Turn off the Development Server. There is an application in the list of dapplets.

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