Dapplet templates

In this section we will look at how to use and implement the basic elements of a dapplet structure. If you went through Get started you had to install the Dapplet Template locally and change some params in the master branch.

In addition to the master branch, there are numbered branches with examples marked as -exercise and -solution.

brunches on GitHub

Each of the following topics corresponds to examples in the same order. You can change the exercise templates locally according to this tutorial or try to implement them yourself and compare with the solution.

The code of exercises' main areas that need to be changed are marked with LP (Learning Points) comments:

// LP: 1. Add a label with a counter for it.
// LP end

You can find them all with // LP: search query.

If you are using Visual Studio Code you can try the Git Graph extension to compare your solution with ours.

brunches in Git Graph

You can also run the example's solution directly, see how it works, and use it as a template for your project.