Who are Listers?#

Listers are a special role unknown in the classical web.

Because dapplets are published in decentralized repositories, they are all available to any user: unfiltered and uncensored. But how will the user know which apps are useful for them and which are not?

A Lister's job is to find "diamond" apps and compile a list of them. Users can subscribe to Listers of their choice. Having subscribed to a Lister, the user begins to see the world "with the Lister's eyes". All apps added by the Lister to his list automatically appear for their subscribed users.

For users, the Lister becomes a guide to the world of dapplets. For a developer, the Lister becomes an ambassador for their apps. A developer can motivate a Lister to add his dapplet to the listing.

Lister economy#

A Lister has several ways of monetizing their activity.

Firstly, any Lister can make a deal directly with a dapplet Owner and receive a reward for adding a dapplet to their list. This method, however, is outside of this document’s framework.

Secondly, a Lister can use special advertising spots in the listing to promote dapplets that are not included in their list.

The number of ad spots is directly linked to the lister’s popularity, the number of people subscribed to their list and also time passed since the last audit failure of any dapplets in the list.

Dapplet developers can place ads for their dapplets within listings. The payments for these ads are carried out in AUGE tokens. The price of the ad spot depends on the number of followers a Lister has and the coefficient of the quality of the spot that’s been allocated.

Lister / Auditor Teamwork#

Listers create lists of useful dapps and are interested in the safety of the dapplets they recommend.

A Lister loses the ability to offer paid spots if a malicious or unsafe dapplet is found in their list. This can happen if an unaudited dapplet is added to a list and performs potentially dangerous or inappropriate functions.

Listers have a direct interest in a dapplet’s audit. A lister can request the audit of a specific dapplet.