Ecosystem Tokenomics Connection

For any independent project, the owner may prefer to have their own token (let us call them "DAPP" for now). It is unfair to enforce the dapplet Owner to use AUGE as the project token. We thus need to accept that both tokens will exist.

It is impossible to say in general which token (DAPP or AUGE) will be more successful - both outcomes are possible. On one hand, a DAPP token may serve some specific business cases and attract money from users. On the other hand, the AUGE token will likely profit from the network effects of the combined community of ALL dapplets users.

Dapplets Platform provides any dapplet developer with the opportunity to create their tokenomy based on their own token.

Internal platform mechanisms allow the creation of dapplet tokens on the basis of connected Bonding Curves. The AUGE Bonding Curve functions as the main curve while the dapplet token curve functions as the second curve. This way, the AUGE token works as collateral for the dapplet’s Bonding Curve.

For fresh dapplets that have just been created the collateral coefficient is equal to 100% - meaning that all the incoming liquidity will be translated into raising the price of the AUGE token. This is fitting for an application that has zero added value.

In the future, however, with the application’s growing capitalization, the collateral coefficient value will become very low.