Deflation & locked value

To ensure economic stability and the safety of AUGE token’s value, the whole project’s ecosystem is built on the deflation model. The deflation model means that a part of the tokens will be withdrawn from the project’s ecosystem and burned.

Dapplets Project tokenomics have several mechanisms for token withdrawal. These mechanisms can be divided into two groups - token burning mechanisms and long-term staking mechanisms.

Token burning mechanics#

  • Burning the Auditors Stake when the audit is refuted.
  • Burning the Initial Stake if the dapplet is not launched within the allocated time period.

Long term locking#

  • Locking AUGE tokens as collateral in dapplets' Bonding Curves. This is the main usage of AUGE. It translates the total capitalisation of dapplets running in the AUGE ecosystem to the capitalization of the AUGE token.
  • Token staking for DAO voting power;
  • Restriction on the minimum transaction amount on the AUGE Bonding Curve.

In the future, the Dapplets Project platform will implement new ways of AUGE token deflation with the purpose of developing the project’s tokenomics.