I’m a developer interested in your technology, where do I start?#

Thanks, and welcome aboard!

Here you can find how to quickly create a basic dapplet.

We also have documentation and exercises which you can complete to deepen your knowledge and create advanced and fully functional applications on our platform.

We also have a video recording of our workshop with EPAM: Dapplets Project: «Practical Web3 programming experience»

Furthermore, don’t miss our public list of dapplet ideas. You can take whichever one you like and realize it!

Where can I find different dapplets to try them out?#

Install our extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge from browser extension stores, or directly from our GitHub repository.

Go to Twitter or YouTube.

In the extension you will see several dapplets that work on these webpages.

Try them out!

Where can I find a template to create a module?#

We have a create-dapplet-app node-based utility with which you can create dapplets, adapters, or interfaces. For use it, run:

npx create-dapplet-app

More info about settings you can find here.

The extension doesn’t work. I don’t see any dapplets, what do I do?#

Begin by opening the desired website (Twitter, YouTube etc.) and clicking on the Dapplets extension. It should show you a list of dapplets that can be used on this website.

If this doesn’t help please check that you have the latest version of the extension. Unfortunately, the extension is not yet updated automatically and we have a fast-paced development process. You can find the latest release here.

If your version in outdated delete it and download the correct one.

If the issue remains take a screenshot and contact us through Discord or Telegram.

Which browsers does your extension support? Is there a version for mobile\android?#

Currently, the Dapplets Extension only works on desktop and does not support androids\mobiles.

It's best to use Chrome or Brave browsers.

Where can I send messages about issues I encounter? Share my suggestions? or ideas\partnership offers?#

Feel free to contact our team through our Discord channel or Telegram.